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It had been 6 years since my husband of 40 years died — woke up one morning and died from an anurism by the end of the day.

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Even slept outside on the patio a few nights. I pushed everyone away except my 2 dogs who were my only responsibility and I did make sure they got fed and outside. My husband and I did not have children — I was alone. I still feel alone, but the good memories I have now override the bad memories surrounding his death. I go day by day and try to enjoy as much as I can and try new activities and meet new people.

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In my opinion, surviving someones death is a horrible journey that you never truly stop having. You should add to the list: After the loss of both parents, the sibling that volunteers to execute the estate might have bad intentions. Call the Social Security Administration to see if their ssn is still active after their death.

Be glad if you are wrong about it. These words that people write will help I think. My Mom died in December, , 11 years ago and I am struggling. Maybe I have complicated grief that I have read about. I have no children, no spouse, not in touch with family one sibling left, much older, nieces, nephews because after her death was very ugly.

The Grieving Process

About 5 friends are very supportive but I cry all the time. Today I learned a friend my age will die soon from cancer. Every death I take so hard.

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I believe I may be an empath. I need acceptance. Some days are better than others. Grief is the last taboo. I am so sorry for your loss. I read somewhere that the loss of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her. I lost my Mom almost 2 years ago and sometimes I miss her so much I can hardly breathe. She was my best friend. They say grief comes in waves and today was a tidal wave. Reminders are everywhere with Mothers Day approaching and that has been the most difficult day for me. I hope you have caring friends and family to get you through.

My sincere condolences for your loss. I sympathise with you completely. Friends bothered at the beginning but now no one seems to phone. One or two do but that is all. And the bit about children and husbands is quite true. My mother was in a home for just over a year and was very happy there, well looked after. She was my life, I used to go in twice a week to see her. I have a partner and we are going to Greece next month. Hoping that will help.

No I understand exactly how you feel. I live in Hove in the UK. Melissa… I feel the deep pain! The children and partner part is true… people expect parents to go before us.. I think how much the pain it brings depending on how much they have enriched your life!! My first Grandchild, Evalyn, was in distress and delivered by emergency c-section within 10 minutes of getting my daughter to the hospital. Evalyn only lived for four hours. I think what has helped the young parents the most is knowing Evalyn was going to help others have a chance at life by donating her organs. She was a beautiful baby; looked just like her Mom and me.


She was perfect. Susan, I lost my beloved husband on April 25, The pain is unbelievable. It is the deepest and most difficult pain I have ever experienced.

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I am sorry for both our losses, and I am grieving with you. I lost my husband very suddenly and unexpectedly at the end of January this year. He simply went out and never came home again. I hate to say this, but torture is the word I would use to describe my grief. I lost the love of my life on April 10th o a horrific car crash through no fault of his own….. No one told me.

That My 2 adult stepdaughters would plan an out of town birthday celebration for my husband 3 weeks after my mothers death. Grief is the necter that cleans your sins. So let grief come. Welcome it. It will not be pleasant but it will be enlightening. Thanks for making such a cool post which is really very well written. Will be referring a lot of friends about this. Keep blogging.

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You have a very inspiring way of exploring and sharing your thoughts. N doubt, info is original and very well structured.

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Keep it up. Thanks for this list. Lost both parents within a year. My mom was an unexpected loss. Dad had been sick. My mom passed first. My 24 year old son, Ashton, was shot and killed 4 months ago.

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