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When I my space bar stopped working, I discovered numerous tales of woe in various forums about dirt, crumbs or even a speck of dust getting underneath a key and interfering with the delicate butterfly mechanism.

Since I use my MacBook Pro primarily at my kitchen table and my local bagel shop and always opt for an everything bagel , I figured a poppy seed, a piece of dried onion or garlic or a bread crumb got lodged underneath my space bar. First, I first tried blowing underneath the spacer bar to dislodge any trapped foreign matter.

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No dice. Next, I consulted Apple Support's guide on how to clean the keyboard. After a trip to Staples for a can of compressed air, I got to work. And, sure enough, it worked.

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Here's what I did:. After thoroughly spraying the space bar with air, I placed my MacBook Pro back on my kitchen table and happily discovered that its space bar was again fully operational.

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Since this first encounter with a dead -- or half-dead -- space bar, it has happened two more times, and each time a can of compressed air revived it. But what if the time comes when compressed air doesn't do the trick? I called my local Apple Store and asked a technician for an estimate for the repair cost I'm facing if I'm no longer under warranty and my space bar goes kaput and stays that way.

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He told me that they would need to send it out for repair and couldn't give me an estimate for the repairs. I also emailed Apple, but it didn't immediately respond to my request for comment. So, my advice to those typing on a MacBook model with a butterfly keyboard -- the current MacBook Pro models and the inch MacBook -- is to keep a can of compressed air on hand.

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It did the trick for me. If the problem is happening regularly, either switch from everything bagels to plain bagels or visit your local Apple Store -- ideally before your warranty is up.

Standard Ways to Eject a Macbook SuperDrive

And if you are already past your warranty, then be prepared to pay a sizable repair bill. I've read that it's not as simple as replacing a single key but that the entire keyboard or bottom half of the laptop may need to be replaced. One last thing you might try before sending your MacBook out for repair is to follow the method described in the top comment of this 9to5Mac article of using your fingernail to scrape the metal edges of the keyboard deck below a stuck key.

Others have responded to this comment with profuse thanks saying it worked for them.

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I have got an eyelash trapped inside the LCD screen of my Dell XPS laptop and the Dell customer support refuse to service it, saying it is a problem with the way I use my laptop. I am just wondering if anyone can guide me how to use a laptop without getting eyelashes and god knows what else getting inside the screen. Perhaps Dell has a clear plastic layer layered over the LCD part as standard.

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  5. In that case, removing the eyelash would involve disassembling the display housing. Refer to the owner's manual for details, if you're willing to tackle this yourself, or get a local repair shop to do it if you're at all hesitant.

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    6. Bear in mind that doing this may void your warranty if Dell finds out. So shhhh When you press the screen, it starts floating inside the TFT film!!!. May be I have missed the part in the users' manual where they talk about sealing the lousy LCD screen that comes with the XPS systems before using it.

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      If that is the case, May be I have to do a DNA test of the eyelash to find who is the culprit and reclaim my warranty? I'd try contacting Dell's customer service again and being more stubborn. If you get rejected, ask to speak with someone higher up. People hate that, even when it's true. Scratch that; people hate that especially when it's true. Instead, present yourself as the concerned customer who feels that Dell will get lots of trouble from other customers, of course, unless you help Dell out by cluing them in.