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GenerationTAsia GenerationT Many thanks to Darel Seow and team for making this happen! The frame and colours were inspired by the iconic Art Deco buildings. Gif-obsessed indeed. I still mostly animate things in Photoshop an upgrade from Powerpoint that's for sure - how you utilise the tools is really what matters. Read more about my journey and process in the interview with The Design Kids. Featuring hundreds of artwork including submissions from some of the biggest names in the UK, all pieces are currently being auctioned on eBay and you can bid on any of them until Sunday, 11 November!

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Spot illustrations for an article on alcohol in unexpected places. Art director: Jamie Sage. Rare Stripes is a limited edition collection that connects you to the animal behind the icon - here is the video that sums up our incredible and unforgettable journey. Half a year ago I would have never dreamed of being involved in a collaboration as big and as meaningful as this. Back in March, we travelled to Mondulkiri in Cambodia and trekked through the forests where tigers once roamed. Although Cambodia is one of the Tiger Range Countries such as India, Indonesia and Thailand, sadly its tigers have been declared extinct due to poaching.

Phurba Lhendup, WWF wildlife specialist from Bhutan and our guide, shared about his years of experience on the gr The job of a ranger not only entails placing camera traps and monitoring the tigers, but also the dangerous task of finding and removing snares set by poachers, often working together as syndicates that run the illegal tiger trade.

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Tiger parts are being sold on the black market - pelts, bones, teeth and meat - to meet the demand for traditional medicine and remedies within Asia, which are not scientifically proven, as well as prized trophies as status symbols. There is clearly a disconnect when we think about tigers - most of us have lived our entires lives in cities, never having seen one in the wild, perhaps only in zoos. Despite their magnificence and ferocity, tigers are in fact fragile as a species.

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As top predators in the ecosystem, tigers control populations of the prey species and vegetation. There is a balance to be maintained. If tigers disappear, the ecosystem collapses and humans will be affected. To play a part in tiger conservation, for a start, we can educate people to dispel myths about the medicinal value of tiger parts and also vehemently reject fur. Only 3, tigers remain in the wild today. But Krishna had made a huge come-back in She is now the new Queen. Krishna stands in the foreground with three cubs, representing her three litters.

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I wanted the artwork to celebrate her victories and overcoming the odds in her life, framing her in a way that shows strength and resilience. I also thought it was important to include her home environment so I picked out several features such as the forest, river and plateau as well as animals like storks and deers. There may have been , tigers in the world a century ago, but due to extensive poaching and habitat loss, there are only about 3, wild tigers left now.

To me, Uporny was quite the rebel and I wanted the design to tell his life story. The tiger silhouette was based on a picture of the exact moment he bolted from the cage, eventually, with a wild look on his face as though nothing in the world could stop him from then on. He did, though, meet an unfortunate end when he was killed fighting another male tiger. Learn more about Uporny here: www. Each of us were given two real tiger stories that inspired our artworks. The Rare Stripes collection was dropped Follow my page and stay tuned in the following days to learn about my tiger stories and find out what went on behind the scenes of this global campaign.

How many Emojis can you fit in a theme park? Recently launched at MeshMinds 1. MeshMinds showcase runs till this Friday, 2 Feb. Applied Arts Awards are the only competition in Canada that recognises creative work across the industry. I'm honoured to be part of the panel of professionals judging illustration work submitted this year.

Applied Arts Magazine. I'm really happy to work with Shell again, this time on their "Fuel The Love" campaign.

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