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Stickler for the rules and more ambitious than she lets on. Mostly just wants to help people however she can.

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Filed under NaNoWriMo , writing. Tagged as fantasy , NaNoWriMo , writing. Strictly speaking, I could have read it as soon as it came out — I had a digital contributor copy, but I like reading physical books. Wilson, and, of course, 3. Most of the returning stories were ones I remembered, in some cases vividly, and I can recommend all of them. His books are strange, often frustrating reads, and yet whenever I find one in a bookshop I invariably buy it because the premise is just so… enticing.

But Shoreline of Infinity being what it is, it fits in well here. Lowland Clearances by Pippa Goldschmidt : a very strange, very short little story, and for me one of the highlights of the collection. PORTAL - Paperback / Science Fiction & Fantasy / Teen & Young Adult: Books

Is it optimistic or just unsettling? Absolutely the strangest story in the collection and, in my opinion, the best. Another story that throws you into its world and leaves you dizzy. Does the gray ring represent Anarctica or the Moon? Seemingly neither.

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I generally like this style of fiction, but although well-crafted this one left me a bit cold. Filed under books , writing. Tagged as Ada Palmer , adam roberts , books , charles stross , edinburgh fringe , edinburgh international book festival , fantasy , iain m banks , ken macleod , Nalo Hopkinson , Pippa Goldschmidt , Ruth EJ Booth , science fiction. These categories are determined by the means by which the fantastic enters the narrated world.

In the portal-quest we are invited through into the fantastic, in the intrusion fantasy the fantastic enters the fictional world, in the liminal fantasy the magic hovers in the corner of our eye, while the immersive fantasy allows us no escape. But its sequel, The Subtle Knife , is portal fantasy, and beautifully executed portal fantasy.

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The scene where Will first finds the portal to Cittagazze? Goosebumps, every time. Portal fantasy is extremely popular in the YA bracket, allowing as it does for the lead character to be a pleasingly accessible ordinary teenager. Then I tried to write a portal fantasy. I tip my hat to you, J.

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Because portal fantasy has an endless allure to it. I think the answer is that portal fantasy is, in fact, easier to write than immersive fantasy. Good portal fantasy is very hard to come by.

Filed under writing. Tagged as fantasy , writing. The Discworld books now have a map, which must be bought separately I own it, even though its existence is someone mind-bending considering the flexible nature of the Discworld. In a sense, maps are important to fantasy. In conclusion: mapping is important. But I have no intention of including any of them with the story.

And not just the world, either — I spent some time this week drawing floorplans of houses. At some point I need to map out the town where book two of the Everpresent Trilogy is set and I am dreading it. But it has to be done. Skip to content. Leave a comment Filed under novel , writing Tagged as fantasy , novel writing , science fiction , writing. Up next: World. Leave a comment Filed under books , writing Tagged as Ada Palmer , adam roberts , books , charles stross , edinburgh fringe , edinburgh international book festival , fantasy , iain m banks , ken macleod , Nalo Hopkinson , Pippa Goldschmidt , Ruth EJ Booth , science fiction.

Leave a comment Filed under writing Tagged as fantasy , writing. I've tried to give the worm to the fisherman at the lighthouse, but no go. I've also tried to set the log on fire at the drunken frog inn or whatever it's name is , and I haven't been able to do that, either.

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I've walked around the beach, gone to my sister's house, gone to Norman's, gone to Saint Crabfloss, tried to get to the witch's swamp with no luck , tried to get to the castle, mooched around the desert, and I'm stuck. KitKatFox at EG24 made a walkthrough for this game.

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Here is it. Sorry, it would take me hours to replay the game, and I don't want to do that. Hopefully, this covers it all. And I apologize for not being able to do this without spoiling some things later in the game, but the game isn't linear. You need to leave a statue in there. If you come to a new scene, save then.