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His smile is a favorite of yours, though.

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Not particularly, no. At least not at the moment, he claims. He tells you he eventually would want nothing more than to start a family with you, but its not in the best interest of his life and career to drop everything and have a baby. You like to rest your head on his chest with an arm lazily hanging onto his torso, and he combs his fingers through your hair. You can find yourselves going to a five-star restaurant that took months to get a reservation to, or going to an empty parking lot to sit in either one of your cars and talk about everything and nothing all at once.

He constantly reminded you how important you were to him. At this point, you guys were already in a serious and committed relationship, so he was dreading having to leave your side. When the day had come and he had to leave, he found himself exponentially sad and down without you. He was in love you, never wanting to go anywhere without you. Timmy is a gentle person by nature, and not just with you. He was a soft spoken and gentle person when you met him, and he was still so when you started dating, but in a different way. He thinks of it as a symbol of your togetherness, and he walks around proudly holding your hand.

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You love it. You were instantly taken aback by his charm and attractiveness. You thought his mysterious nature was quite intimidating, actually. Once you got to know him you realized he was actually really adorable and even shy. Chaste, sweet, predictable, comforting. He leans in painstakingly slow, moving even slower the closer he gets to your lips. He wants you to be anticipating the moment when your lips finally touch. It works every single time, expectantly.

He definitely initiated your first kiss, as well. He was out of town filming for his newest movie and he was relaxing in his trailer on his time off, so he decided to call you. Your favorite memory is when you moved in together. You guys spent all day carrying heavy furniture and obnoxiously large boxes into your new house, and you were both incredibly exhausted by 9pm.

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You waited for him to be done and sat on the counter of your kitchen. There you were, dancing in your kitchen with the love of your life with absolutely no music playing. It remains one of the highlights of your relationship, even though it was small and inconsequential, it was adorable nonetheless.

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He buys anything that reminds him of you. He also makes an effort to pay attention when you remark that you like something. And you do, every time. You remind him of a soft purple, almost lavender. Reds remind him of you. He calls you babe, love, etc. Cassette tapes. This became a tradition in your relationship shortly after. Of course, you both end up sleeping, bodies lazily laying on top of each other, in the first 5 minutes. You found his career so interesting, you were so happy when he told you about it. You could be talking about astrophysics and he would find himself captivated by your cadence.

He really loves you. Because of this, you love going to events and award shows with him to hype him up. You get married in a quaint and adorable vineyard with your closest friends and family in attendance. About five years into your relationship, he finally buys the ring.

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Obviously, you accept the proposal. But I hope I wrote this well! Originally posted by daily-men. The brunette laughed before taking your hand in his. Timmy looked down to the eight month old corgi who was sitting obediently at your feet. You sighed and reached over pushing them out of his eyes.

You picked up the puppy and tucked him into his bag before you all stepped on to the train.

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Once inside he went and put your son into bed and closed his door walking out. Having a son may not be the easiest thing in the world when you had a husband who traveled constantly, but it was still one of the best decisions the two of you had ever made. His eyes are bloodshot, the skin under his eyes a little puffy and dark, and his nose is pink with emotion.

Seeing him like this makes my heart twist—I can hardly bear seeing him in pain. His girlfriend, some stupid, convincing bitch, cheated on him, and he walked in on it. He told me the story shakily on the phone, his voice cracking when he asked me to come pick him up. It made my stomach sick. We were a great duo, if I do say so myself. Just friends. My eyes shift over to catch him sniffling, his eyes watering up even more. My heart literally hurts, and I struggle to form some sort of thought that could be comforting in this situation.

I cringe to myself, the blatant annoyance in his voice causing my throat to tighten. I was only trying to help.

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  • He sighs gently, and sniffs, before reaching over and grabbing my hand. I smile weakly and shake my head a little, turning my blinker on to signal onto my street. I glance over at him for a moment, and he smiles gently, but I know it takes effort. When he squeezes back, I ignore the tiny zolt of butterflies the action gives me, because being anything other than a supportive friend right now would be stupid and selfish.

    His cheeks tinge pink, as if something embarrassed him, and he exhales sharply, turning his head away from me. Instead of waiting for me, he simply walks around the car, and to the front door. He unlocks my front door and then turns around, giving me a little wave and a goofy smile, before charging into my house, leaving the front door open for my. I think to myself, as I walk up the driveway to my house. Also fun fact I live in New York, not the city, okay…. Brian De Palma is the master of sleaze. His camera loves female flesh, lingering on the soft-core spectacle of unclothed skin in films including teen horror Carrie , the porn-themed Body Double and schlocky crime caper Passion Stars Michael Caine and Nancy Allen play it straight, their committed performances rubbing up against the camp schlock and gore De Palma borrows from low-budget B-movies.

    Hot by name and by nature, Body Heat takes place over a series of sweltering summer nights indeed, the tropical sultriness of the thick Floridian air is communicated by the sheer amount of sweat on show.

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    Little did she know that her portrayal of femme fatale Matty Walker would set the tone for the rest of her career Turner went on to become the voice of animated sex symbol Jessica Rabbit. Matador pivots around three characters: a retired bullfighter with a fetish for grisly death, his sexually inexperienced student, and an attorney with a violent sexual fixation of her own.

    Linda Fiorentino plays Bridget Gregory, a clever, calculating femme fatale with an axe to grind. She plots revenge, using her sexuality to coerce Mike into being her accomplice. Smoking cigarettes in her mannish shirts, she delivers her laser-sharp lines with dogged aggressiveness and a bone-dry humour.

    Cruise stars as Bill Hartford, a straight-laced doctor who is sent into an emotional tailspin when his wife Alice Nicole Kidman confesses she has fantasised about sleeping with other men. Indeed, the depiction of sex in Eyes Wide Shut is hardly erotic. A commercial flop and panned by critics , many felt uncomfortable seeing their romantic comedy golden girl in such a grimy, intensely sexual role. In any case, In the Cut has improved with age — Campion capitalises on the electric chemistry between Ryan and Ruffalo, depicting the fragility of female pleasure in a way that is specific, considered and intensely erotic.

    When a dead body turns up in the pool house, things get even stickier. The seducer becomes the seduced and a passionate affair ensues, derailing any plans for political plotting.

    This languorous pacing is punctuated by the political plot, which appears sporadically in blunt, violent bursts. India Mia Wasikowska is a bookish teenager whose quiet life is shaken up by the appearance of her charming Uncle Charlie Matthew Goode. His presence heightens her pre-existing hypersensitivity to the world around her, his arrival sparking a kind of erotic awakening. Indeed, the sex is confrontationally explicit in this steamy meditation on the illicit thrills of voyeurism.

    Why I love Fatal Attraction.

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