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Author Rogers, Elisa. Author Suetonius, ca. The lives of the twelve Caesars, Author Suetonius, ca.

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Serviez, Jacques Roergas de, Molesworth, Bysse. Roman emperors. Roman empresses. Based upon Hon. Bysse Molesworth's translation.

Top 10 Infamous Roman Emperors and Empresses

London: Little, Brown and Company. Enciclopedia Italiana. Austrian archduchesses by birth. Archduchess Helena Kunigunde, Duchess of Bavaria. Margaret, Duchess of Savoy. Joachim Krist.

Eleanor of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress - Wikipedia

Raymond van der Meide Archduchess Maria, Mrs. Jaime Corcuerra Archduchess Viridis, Mrs. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

10. Domitian (24 October 51 – 18 September 96)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Full name Maria Amalie Josefa Anna. Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor. Roman Catholicism. Maria Antonia Walpurgis Electress of Saxony.

Married in Frederick Christian of Saxony , had issue. Theresa Benedicta Princess of Bavaria. Married in Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony , no issue. Married in the Joseph, King of the Romans , no issue. Maria Anna of Bavaria [3]. Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor [2]. Philip III of Spain [4].

Maria Anna of Spain [2]. Margaret of Austria [4]. Wolfgang Wilhelm, Count Palatine of Neuburg [5]. Philipp Wilhelm, Elector Palatine [2]. Magdalene of Bavaria [5]. Eleonore-Magdalena of Neuburg [2].

Elisabeth Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt [2]. Sophia Eleonore of Saxony [6].

Maria Amalia of Austria. Dorothea of Denmark [7].

Louis V, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt [8]. Above all we need to be cautious about taking ancient accounts of their scandalous misbehavior, all those stories of adultery and poisoning, at face value. The Romans often prided themselves on their rugged masculinity; political power in Roman antiquity is characterized as something that is - or ought to be - a masculine preserve. The advent of the principate as ancient historians term the monarchical regime which succeeded the Roman republic brought significant political change.

List of empresses

In a system where power was transmitted through the family, female members of that family came to have enormous importance. Many of the traditional Roman ruling class, the senatorial elite, resented the rule of one family and focused their resentment on the influence of its women.

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