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It helps me to be in the present moment more frequently.

Try It Yourself: A Meditation for Navigating Stress

When life throws its curve balls, the Enneagram provides a framework of tools that helps me more effectively handle the situation. If you do not know your type, we will begin with a typing session. I will ask you a series of questions that takes minutes. If you know your type, we can dive right in.

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While I prefer to hold typing sessions in person, there is an opportunity to hold this via video conference. Ayurveda originated in India. The 5 Elements comes to us from China.

As part of my yoga certification training RYT , I received training as an Ayurvedic health consultant. Through my qigong studies with Master Lin, I learned about the 5 Elements theory. I have successfully incorporated parts of these systems into my personal health routine. I say 'parts' because some concepts worked for me and others did not. I encourage you to explore and experiment until you find what works for you. Are you happy with your present state of health?

Nine Ways Of Seeing A Body

In my personal experience, I have gradually applied these concepts to my own health over the last 14 years with some of the bigger changes taking place within the last 6 years. I essentially dropped over 50 lbs of excess weight. I am much more aware about not only what I eat but how the food is grown and processed.

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I am able to choose food that is nourishing to my body rather than food laden with fat, chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients. An important concept is that food is medicine.

Nine ways to pamper yourself in Leeds

What we put into our body either uplifts and supports or depletes and suppresses its functions. I would almost judge myself for even thinking about spending money on something as frivolous as a massage.

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But as the years pass and adulthood becomes relentlessly terrifying, I realise that nothing is more important than a treat. Some focus on relaxation, some on beauty, and some on physical and mental health, because what could be more pampering than investing in your long term wellbeing? These are all experiences I would recommend booking for yourself, or for someone special. LG Skincare is operated by Lauren, a qualified facial therapist living in Leeds. She runs the business from a candlelit room in her home and you can even hear the breeze in the trees outside during your treatment.

She begins by cleansing your face, then gently exfoliating to remove dirt from the pores. The facial involves a massage for lymphatic drainage, and can also help to clear the sinuses.

9 Clear Signs You are a Prophetic Intercessor

The treatment really helps bring some much needed hydration to my skin, and I always sleep like a baby when I get home. I started seeing Chris Corcoran for monthly massages in when I was training for an ultra marathon, and I tell everyone that he has healing hands.

Sports massage can ease the tension we build not only through exercise, but also from working long hours on our feet or hunching over desks. Chris practices from his home, but does travel to some clients. He has worked with professional dancers and sportspeople to help them remain injury free. Chris is also a phenomenal runner and offers fitness coaching. Beneath Lush lies paradise, the Lush Spa. At the bottom of the stairs you find yourself in a charming country kitchen. My therapist Beth explains my treatment, and we smell the products she will be using.

Lush curate unique playlists for each treatment, and this one consists of acoustic covers from films. The room is almost completely dark with stars projected all around. I climb into a heated bed and the treatment begins. A luxurious experience, and the perfect gift for a loved one.

Nine Ways of Seeing a Body

You may think that getting your lashes done is something to rush while running errands in town, somewhere between groceries and getting your phone screen fixed. Visiting Lashed provides an opportunity for the best nap of your life. The salon is beautifully decorated in muted greys and pinks, and beds complete with blankets line the window, which offers an impressive panoramic view of the city.

But how does it actually help you do that? Mounting scientific evidence from hundreds of universities—including dedicated centers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the United States and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom—strongly suggests that mindfulness gently builds an inner strength, so that future stressors have less impact on our happiness and physical well-being.

The world needs more of these. As a small, dedicated non-profit, Mindful brings compassion and connection into the hearts, homes, and communities of millions of our readers. If you find value and meaning in what we do and would like to help make the world more mindful, please subscribe to Mindful today. Thank you! Before you get to the point where you feel like resting your head on your desk, recharge by adding some mindfulness to your work day with this simple guided practice to meditate right where you are. Read More. What went well today?