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He hasn't truly given in to his dark side; it's serial killing by numbers. Though Stefan's not following his moral compass, he's still holding on to it; his love for his brother and for Elena is buried but burns bright. Stefan acts like he's enjoying himself — "It's a little bit cool, no? As if leashed to Klaus, Stefan can only escape as far as the bar's parking lot. It's a testament to Paul Wesley's command of his character that he can bring us to very different places with Stefan in this single episode — from murderous rampages to desperation in his wordless phone call to Elena.

She knows it's him though he can't speak to her, and she says just what they both need to hear: never let go. This show is never more accomplished than when it goes to dark twisted places while maintaining its firm grasp on the emotional heart of the story, the motivating forces that drive its characters to such extremes. Isolated but hopeful, Elena remains unwavering in her faith rather than accept reality; she'll never stop fighting no matter how dire things are.

And with Klaus now one step closer to enacting his master hybrid plan, it seems like things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. From that crack in Elena's voice to the way Stefan holds back his tears and says nothing, it's a short scene that's powerfully emotional and beautifully performed. Like Elena whose hope for Stefan's safe return is unwavering, some Elvis die-hards still believe the King lives on.

The newspaper articles are from fictional Tennessee papers: one from Memphis, another from Sylva which is actually in North Carolina and reference is made to Meeman-Shelby Forest Park, near Memphis. The article "Body Discovered at Drive-In" includes this quote: "What kind of sick [expletive deleted] chops somebody into pieces and then puts them back together for someone to find?

It's a moment that nicely contrasts with another Original's relationship with one of the gang.

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In "Klaus," Elijah allows Elena to tend to Jenna, and she proves the value of her word when she returns to him. Here, instead of being tentative allies like Elijah and Elena were then, Klaus and Stefan are master and slave.

Andie Star, Action News. Though it seems as though she spent her final days exercising a little more independence and control over herself if that get-the-champagne-yourself moment was any indication , Andie's murder is one that Damon may feel culpable for, despite not actually being her killer. Because Damon wanted someone to feed on, she was vervain-free and therefore vulnerable to Stefan's compulsion and attack.

Love You to Death - Season 3

As a hybrid vampire-werewolf, both vervain and wolfsbane are poisonous to Klaus. To turn Ray into a hybrid, Klaus is trying the usual human-to-vampire three-step transition: Klaus feeds the werewolf his blood, kills him, and, presumably once Ray resurrects, he'll be forced to drink human blood. Jeremy is back to feeling morose and smoking weed to avoid his problems, while Elena's not into partying though Caroline is gung-ho "Pilot," " Candles".

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The photo of Elena and Stefan dates from before she knew he was a vampire; it was taken on the day he gave her the necklace "Friday Night Bites". Though Stefan gave her that necklace, Damon has had some key moments with it, as he does here in "The Birthday": he put it on Elena in "Fool Me Once," and he returned it to her at the end of "Rose. Damon trashes Stefan's room like he did in "Lost Girls," but instead of that gleeful destruction, it's more of a breakdown akin to Stefan's own in "History Repeating.

He actually auditioned for both the Stefan and Damon roles on The Vampire Diaries, and the producers were happy to finally find the right fit for him on the show with Ray. For the first released scenes of season 3, the producers chose a great teaser: the clip shown at San Diego Comic-Con in July was of Elena getting an eyeful of Damon wearing nothing but bubbles. The phone call at the end of the episode was Kevin Williamson's idea, and when he outlined it to Julie Plec, as she related to Entertainment Weekly, "I started to cry. I was like [in weeping voice], 'That's the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life.

Because that's what we do, we get each other going, because we're complete saps Go deep into the heart of Mystic Falls with this episode-by-episode look at the first season of The Vampire Diaries. Premiering in the thick of the vampire craze, The Vampire Diaries has proven itself to be much more than yet another addition to the overpopulated, undead pop-culture racket.

Its mix of romance, horror, drama, and humor has won it great ratings for The CW , international acclaim, and a growing and devoted fan base. But just like the show itself, these evenings together are about more than just light-hearted fun. It resonated. As I got to know The Vampire Diaries fans online over the course of the first season, I could see how connected we all were to the series.

The series has earned the loyalty of its devoted fan base by being unrelentingly captivating, exciting, and emotionally honest. Stefan, Damon, Elena, and the rest of our friends in Mystic Falls want nothing more than real connections in their lives, and the audience at home responds to how heartfelt and human this supernatural world is. I wanted to write this companion guide to The Vampire Diaries because of that strong reaction we have to the series.

Smith and her book series, on the creation of the show and the masterminds behind it, and background on the main cast members. After that is the episode-by-episode companion to the first season. From there, I provide an analysis of the episode, looking at its main themes, the character development, and the questions it raises followed by these sections:.

Make sure you watch an episode before reading its corresponding guide — it contains spoilers for that episode but not for anything that follows.

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I looked for magic. Lewis, E. Nesbit, and J. Nothing to do but write them myself. In fact, the idea for the story came to her while she was babysitting. She took her time writing it, working on it slowly through college as she got her ba in experimental psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Though it took a little while, the manuscriptfor The Night of the Solstice eventually sold to Macmillan, and it was published in Both books were well reviewed but failed to generate a lot of sales, which L.

Lisa Jane excelled at her teaching job and was nominated best teacher in the district by her school, but the amount of energy it took to work all day and write novels in her nonexistent spare time was too much.

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She left teaching behind to become a full-time novelist. With her focus completely on her writing, the s would be an extraordinarily prolific decade for L. Smith: she would publish 22 books. The first four novels were a series, The Vampire Diaries , about a beautiful, self-centered teenage girl in a small Virginia town who meets two brothers with a dark secret that leads her and her best friends into the world of the supernatural. So the idea was that there were two brothers who were both in love with the same girl: one good brother, one bad brother. And I kind of like the bad brother better.

And she realizes that other people mean a lot more than she does. The next year L.

Love You to Death — Season 3: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries

In and , L. In , the first book in the Night World series, Secret Vampire , was published. As the s drew to a close, L. I really wanted to write that whole time and was trying to, but I was not able to. This helped her to continue writing, first short stories and then full-length novels; in fact, Smith felt this return to her craft was a gift from her mother.

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  • So there was a year and a half which ended with the negotiations going nowhere, but with me writing scenes for an adult book. So we have a real love triangle. Just sit down at the keyboard and then open a vein.

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