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Amol met Rajkumar Pai on his way out and explained to him that this was his last visit to the restaurant. Rajkumar admitted that he may have been hasty but felt Amol was being unreasonable as it was his busiest evening and that Amol should make allowances. Amol and his friends never visited Moti Restaurant ever again. They also posted their feedback on Face book and spread word about their experience to all their colleagues, friends and associates.

Questions : 1. Was there a service failure? How could there have been a service recovery? What was the main reason for the service failure? What are the problems and issues that lead to such situations and such behavior of service providers?

What steps should Rajkumar Pai take to take the issue as a learning , how soon and how can he bring back Amol into the fold as a customer? Remember — the damage has already been done. Comment : Customer Complaint is a Gift.

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Comment : After a service failure, the expectations of the customer from the service shoot up. But the boom did not last forever and the bust that followed took its toll on the educational IT services sector.

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Aptech sold off its business to SSI and many other firms exited the business. SSD InfoTech also found its business squeezed and had to think of new segments. The company refocused attention on the corporate segment which also requires computer training for its employees.

At the same time, its affiliate channels through whom a lot of its consumer student business was done came down from to in number, signaling a decline in that segment. In bad times, it makes sense to have a re-look at the segmentation and the overall marketing strategy. This may involve re-positioning yourself at times, in line with the requirements of the new segments being targeted. Also it could involve changes in 7Ps of marketing.

What are the 7-Ps in Services marketing?

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What is the 8th P in Services marketing? They have plans to open another branch at Electronic City. Though B N Rao suits specializes in suits, they also have a good collection of formal shirts, trousers and T-Shirts. Needless to add, their apparels are priced at a premium. But they have been doing good business because of their services and brand reputation.

They have been very few quality complaints and even if there were some, the in-house tailors whom they had ensured that the problem was rectified in a matter of minutes. But as it was labour day, he visited the shop at Vijay Nagar the next day. The measurements were taken and he was assured that the delivery would be given on 13th May — two days before his scheduled departure to Chennai. On 13th May, Dr Tripathi got the delivery but to his dismay the trouser was tight. To add to his woes, the store manager politely informed him that the in-house tailor was scheduled to return from his native place in the evening and that he can be rest assured that his trousers will be delivered to him in the evening.


There were 4 tailors in the Vijay Nagar branch but three of them had been diverted to the Domlur branch because of a large order there. As there were not many orders in the Vijay Nagar branch, the store manager was confident that they could manage with 1 in-house tailor. Unfortunately, after stitching the suit of Dr Tripathi, the tailor had to rush to his native place at Kolar on an emergency. When Dr Tripathi called up B N Rao on 13th, he was asked to come on 14th and the store manager profusely apologized to him for the delay saying that the tailor was delayed.

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The deadlines for the large order in the Domlur branch were tight, so no tailor could be spared from that branch. The Kalyan Nagar branch was a recent branch and there was only one tailor there who was busy with the present order. On 14th morning, when Dr Tripathi called up the store manager the alteration was not yet done. Livid about the delay, Dr Tripathi blew his fuse. The store manager listened to him patiently and 4 P a g e 5. Dr Tripathi was in no mood to oblige and said that he would come back from Chennai and then collect his suit the next week.

He decided to wear one of his older suits for the meeting. Dr Tripathi left for Chennai on 14th evening. On 15th May, 2-hours before the scheduled meeting in the hotel where Dr Tripathi was put up, he received a package. When he opened it, he found his trouser neatly packed along with a bunch of handkerchieves and an apology note from the store manager. The trouser fitted him well. But Dr Tripathi was perplexed.

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How did B N Rao suits come to know of his plan? He got his answers when he returned to Bangalore on 17th May He had arranged for the suit to be taken to the Domlur branch personally and got it mended. He then arranged for the suit to be delivered by Express Delivery on 14th evening so that it could reach Chennai the next day.

Explain : Service Recovery Paradox in the above context. Taj west end hotel case study In Bangalore there are 5 major players in 5 star hotel category. These are a. Oberoi, M G Road c. Ashok, an ITDC run hotel d. Le Meridien earlier it was called Hotel Holiday Inn e. Competitive Strategy of West End Hotel : 1. Target Customer — domestic and foreign business travelers, the elite, top management. Positioning — office away from office to service the business customer and for non business travelers, it is a home away from home. Differentiation — this is through physical ambience.

Natural Green Environment gives a relaxed atmosphere to business travelers. Marketing Mix : a.

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Product : The Service Offer has tangible products in it. There are 6 types of rooms. Banquet halls with capacities ranging from 10 to Hotel has a business centre with facilities like Internet, interview centre, Fitness centre and laundry. Pricing — Differential pricing for different rooms. Hotels have an unofficial cartel for deciding the room tariff.

Place — Race Course Road — away from city, less pollution, relatively less traffic congestion. The USP is 23 acres of beautiful landscape. Promotion : West End is not into heavy promotion. But the Group advertises via magazines, hoardings. Some amount of event sponsoring too. They rely more on direct marketing sans any channels. Physical ambience : Maintains its natural environment and latest state of the art facilities g. People — They understand the role played by people in a service organization and market their service offer to their own employees so that the employees understand the need for maintaining high quality and standards.


There are seasonal variations in demand [peak season, off season] : More demand in the beginning of the week as business travelers tend to go back during weekends. To meet these variations, Taj West End is : o Doing tie ups with corporate clients for regular inflow of clientele, attractive discounts are offered. Analyze why and how West End is different from other hotels. How should the services be changed or developed if Taj wants to achieve world class status and fight competition?

Can capacity and supply be balanced better? Suggest solutions. Do you agree with the statement? Explain the rationale behind your decision. Damania gave first class service at economy fare. Jet Airways offered service of international standards. ModiLuft offered personalized service. Indian Airlines gave complimentary tours for package travel, point to point fares.

Characteristics of Airline Services Marketing o Intangibility — Passengers look for better service — good interiors, speedy grievance handling, hospitality. Since client and service provider interact face to face, service efficiency matters a lot. East West was a Mumbai based company with an investment of Rs 70 crores. It operated 68 flights per day to 24 destinations across the country.

It had staff with engineers, 96 cock pit crew, cabin crew. It had 26 offices all over India.