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However, you should link back to their original post. Not only is this proper blog etiquette, but it can also be used to your advantage. More times than not, their curiosity will lead them to check out your blog, which could earn you future back links and guest blogging opportunities. Take the time to respond to comments — Look, I know that it can be hard to find the time to respond to every comment you get, but I think that if your readers care enough to spend time writing out a comment, the least you can do is respond to them.

Take the time to actually read what they have to say and to formulate a thoughtful response to it. Not only does this show your readers you respect their opinion, but it keeps them coming back to move the conversation forward. There will be plenty of people who disagree with you along the way, and many of them will have no problem telling you about it.

Respect all your commenters, regardless of whether they agree with you or not. Share your favorites by leaving a comment!

10 Elements Of A Quality Blog Post: Tips For Teaching Students

I suspect that most of us sit somewhere along this spectrum. Many times these are auto-generated spam systems that simply get caught in your spam filters and never work anyway. A little further along the spectrum we see commenters who usually at least go to the effort of manually leaving their comments and who sometimes even go to the effort of keeping comments slightly on topic…. However, their comments are pretty obviously only about trying to get a link to help their search rankings or to get a few clicks back to their site.

Alternatively, sometimes this group will do something controversial to try to get some attention attacking the writer or other comments in the hope of people wanting to check them out. Sometimes these comments get through spam filters but most bloggers will delete them if they are spotted. They have obviously read the post and have something of value to contribute.

Their comments may not always be long or in-depth but they add to the conversation with something that is thoughtful and relevant. This group might share a story, give an example, put another point of view, answer a question or do something else that provides value to the blogger and their readership.

Summary Poster: What Makes A Quality Blog Post

This commenter is all about delivering value but in doing so builds their profile and credibility. The best of these commenters in my experience tend to use a personal name and where possible use a personal avatar. They tend to leave less comments than the above groups but the comments are more effective.

Note : on avatars, it can be worth registering for a Gravatar account as this is often used for avatars on many blogs. One blogger who I came across lately said that he never leaves links because he heard it can get him in trouble with Google. In fact, Matt Cutts from Google made this video on that topic last week. Several years ago here on ProBlogger I suggested 11 tips for getting the comments that you leave on other blogs to stand out.

You can also take this a step further by blogging about the post you commented on. Oh — and one more tip, regular commenting on the same blog can be worthwhile.

The 5 Rules of Blog Etiquette

A one great one off comment can have an impact — but this impact grows exponentially over time. Also written several years ago is a post I wrote about how you can actually hurt your brand by commenting on other blogs. In it I listed 10 things to avoid this did cause a little debate on a couple of them so there are different opinions :. What commenting practices have you used or seen others use that either are effective or annoying? As our FB page became more used as we became more focussed on actually moving into our earthship, I became intuitively very good at responding to comments there and on other FB pages about earthships a sustainable home made of used tires and pop cans.

This has evolved fairly naturally in our attempt to share our knowledge and make the process easier for others. I think when one naturally has this goal, commenting becomes a lot easier. Our blog is not monetized except for a small e-book we sell.

How to Write a Blog Post: For Beginners!

As we move into post-earthship move-in and look at re-designing the blog and re-energizing ourselves to build it up again , I need to reach further into commenting and becoming re-aquainted with the blogosphere, and not just FB. Great topic; it definitely resonated with me. But whenever I through some site I just thinking commenting Greet post or thnx for article, But after seeing your strategy I will be try to make good comments..

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If you comment and someone else makes a specific comment to your comment, it may be appropriate to respond with another comment. Also I like to use numbers, bullets and space between paragraphs in comments to make them easier to read and skim. Thank you! I would have procrastinated for ever so I just went for it. However on my Facebook page the manners are lowered.

Darren, thank you so much for such a informative and very helpful post. I am new in blogging arena. This post really helped me to learn so much thing about blog commenting. Starting to write an ebook for my site very soon, so looking forward to read more articles about writing. I think I am about to violate just about all your rules, as I have very little to add, but did want to thank you. Thank you so much for writing this blog Darren.

It makes my head wobbly. I do appreciate when comments are direct and to the point, especially if the blog is of a business matter; because sometimes the comments are the meat and potatoes that can make one think a little deeper; and sifting through paragraph after paragraph, after reading a blog can get tiresome. I left a comment on a couple of blog posts for a popular site a few years ago and it resulted in a promotional partnership that has built half of my email list. So I know commenting works. This post is a great reminder. I am following what the guide says more or less.

But I never got that lucky. More likely, I need inspiration to say something remarkable. Darren, can I say this is a great post without it being considered spammy? Just kidding, but very well done. Of all the good points, the one I am realizing is about reaching out so people know you are real and that of building relationships on line is of critical import.

Its funny, but I will tell you I am never the first to comment. Man, I am always late. One final thought is that when I comment about legal stuff and I have a blog or website article that is relevant I am always afraid of it being spam when I put in the link. I am very careful to be sure my tax or estates article is relevant.

Hi Author, Thanks for the valuable video for the blog commenting tips. This article is such a great post which effectively tells us how to comment properly. I personally feel the usefulness of the article and will include in my blog commenting routine. Yes, it makes perfect sense writing better blog post, but commenting and recommending good writeup like this one is very essential not just for backlinks, but for relationship building. I comment a lot on great post. This article helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing this………….

Hey, very helpful post. When I started my blog I was also spamming others with useless comments but then I found this post and implemented and now getting good results. Thanks for sharing. I would love to try this. Most of time i find the blogs with no follow in comment.

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  • I guess its all because of spam. Does no follow comment helps in ranking your website? Do we have to give related niche comment or just we can put it away any link? I always love to read your articles, as you narrate the whole story in few words, without of dragging the core idea. Plus, Sir, you should also write about how one can find the blog which accepts or allow comments because there are many sites which do not like others to put links, whenever I tried to put the link in that way, the admin put it in the spam.

    So, please also write on this….! Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Blogging We all know that commenting on other blogs is very important. Here are few things which you should remember before commenting on any posts: Maintain Online Persona: Bloggers and readers might not see each other but they do have a bond between each other. Sharing is caring More. Authored By Whiztechy.

    Valuable comments are really important as it can bring you good image as well. Ruchi, Well written article. Helpful article. Thanks a lot.