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Named after Anna Blackburne , the daughter of a wealthy Chesshire salt dealer who had an interest in natural history and was famous for his greenhouses.

She followed in his footsteps and developed an interest in insects as well as birds. The Coopers Hawk is a nedium-sized common hawk that can be found from southern Canada to Mexico. Although considered a woodland species, they are also frequently found in cities and towns, attracted it is assumed by the prevalence of tasty pigeons and mourning does. This is a medium sized tern that breeds in freshwater marshes in the summer and migrates south to winter in Central and South America.

Named after Johann Reinhold Forster a Scottish naturalist who contributed to the early knowledge about the ornithology ofEurope and North America.

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They made extensive collections of natural history specimens a nice way to say they shot, killed and stuffed lots of birds and other animals in the name of science. Migrates to winter along the pacific coast of South America. Wagler had found the bird in Mexico and named it Larus pipixcan and published his discovery in Awkward…what to do,what to do?

Well, fortunately, the naming rules of science came to the rescue and today the Latin name stands as the one given to it by Wagler, but its official common name still bears reference to Franklin. Finders keepers so to speak!

This streaky little brown songbird breeds in boreal bogs across Canada, southern Alaska, and into parts of the north central United States. This bird was named by John James Audobon in to honor of his friend Thomas Lincoln Lincoln shot the bird while on a trip with Audubon in Labrador. It was later re-reclassified into the Sparrow family.

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In the east it breeds in coniferous forests and migrates to South America. Named after English ornithologist, malacologist, conchologist, entomologist and artist William John Swainson 8 October — 6 December He is known for his illustrations and is the first illustrator and naturalist to use lithography.

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One of the most numerous shorebirds in North America, it also goes by the name of Common Snipe. You can find it probing for food in shallow water or mud. Wilson was a native of Scotland who was trained as a weaver but had a passion for the arts. He decided to publish his illustrations of all the birds of America. He travelled widely collecting shooting birds, painting them and selling subscriptions to his work. This was a massive undertaking during which he met Audubon.

Previous Next. Explore the avian emblems used by our greatest writers--from Coleridge's albatross in "The Ancient Mariner" to Poe's raven. A sampling of the bird lore you'll find inside: Benjamin Franklin didn't want the bald eagle on our National Seal because of its "bad moral character," it steals from other birds ; he lobbied for the turkey instead.

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Chaffinches, whose Latin name means "unmarried," are called "bachelor birds" because they congregate in flocks of one gender. Since mockingbirds mimic speech, some Native American tribes fed mockingbird hearts to their children, believing it helped them learn language. A group of starlings is called a murmuration because they chatter so when they roost in the thousands.

Organized alphabetically, each of these bird tales is accompanied by a two-color line drawing. Dip into Birds and you'll never look at a sparrow, an ostrich, or a wren in quite the same way. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Is Eerily Beautiful.

List of Scientific Names of Animals and Birds

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